Sotrem is a company specializing in several industrial and manufacturing sectors. Our level of expertise and our management style ensure our innovation, which is supplemented by our unique business model. Sotrem shines for its ability to innovate, transform and add value to various metallurgical products, plus so much more.

Sotrem, located in the Chicoutimi industrial park, is a company specializing in the processing and recovery of various metallurgical products. We have several processes located inside our facilities that allow us to meet with our customers from various industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Our Mission

To implement our expertise in an eco-responsible manner to meet the needs of our partners and clients. Our primary focus is guided by technological evolution, environmental preservation, customer satisfaction and maintaining the health and safety in our company and community.


Our Values

For over 30 years, we have been developing products and services that require a high level of expertise. We provide our customers and partners the chance to create sustainable values based on honesty and integrity.


With us, our commitment to inclusivity and integrating our workforce is our foundation, creating an environment where every employee can thrive and contribute fully to our collective success.


Our unwavering belief is that teamwork is the key to success. We encourage a culture where our employees support each other, communicate effectively, collaborate transparently and build strong ties based on trust, kindness and respect.

Work-Life Balance

We deeply believe in the balance between personal and professional life. This is why we’re committed to offering our employees the opportunity to reconcile these two aspects of their lives in harmony. This approach shows our commitment to supporting our employees’ quality of life, increasing their job satisfaction and strengthening their connection to our organization.


Recognition is at the heart of our corporate culture. Here, every employee is valued and rewarded for their contributions, creating an environment where success is celebrated at its true value.

Our Partners

Together, we are building the future of our industry, developing a promising and sustainable world of tomorrow.

As a member of the aluminum processing sector, we are proud to contribute to the advancements in this industry.