About Sotrem

Sotrem is a world-class company specializing and active in several industrial and manufacturing sectors. Our level of expertise and our management style ensure our innovation, which is supplemented by our globally unique business model.

Products and Services

With expertise forged over three decades, Sotrem embodies the metallurgical excellence sought after by industries worldwide. Our unparalleled expertise, constantly bolstered by technological advancements, is a guarantee of the quality and reputation that make us a key player in the metallurgical sector. At Sotrem, innovation, expertise and quality are at the heart of our success.

Communities and Partnerships

Sotrem shines globally through its excellence in the heart of a region rich in resources and talent. Our success draws strength from our team, family values and community ties. Being committed to our employees and our company is at the heart of our business.

Product Quality

We solve industry challenges with practical solutions, supported by our commitment to excellence. Our company is anchored in values of quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction, which govern our mission and our vision.

Value Creation

1993, we have been developing products and services that require a high level of expertise. We provide our customers and partners with sustainable values based on honesty and integrity..

Strategic Vision

Sotrem innovates for the generations of tomorrow by focusing on an environmentally friendly future. Committed to sustainable development, we aim for global recognition through strong partnerships and superior-quality products.

Our Commitments

Recognition is at the heart of our corporate culture. With us, every employee is valued and rewarded for their contributions, thus creating an environment where success is celebrated to its true worth.




Our strategic partnerships with leading associations highlight our commitment to the aluminum industry. Together, we shape the future of the sector, stimulating growth and fostering innovation.

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The circular economy plays a crucial role in preserving our planet by reintegrating resources into the production cycle. It significantly contributes to reducing the environmental impact by minimizing the exploitation of natural resources and decreases transportation.

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Health and Safety

Sotrem places the utmost importance on the well-being of its employees and collaborators, promoting a strong corporate culture and fostering a safety culture that prevents accidents and attracts top-tier talent. We encourage individual responsibility to create a safe and welcoming work environment. 

Treat yourself to a safer future within the Sotrem family!

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Sotrem is deeply committed to the community. We believe in the importance of giving back to the society that surrounds us; This is why we are actively engaged in philanthropic initiatives. Our contributions go beyond financial donations: We are directly involved in local projects by supporting charities and offering our expertise for social causes.

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Start your Career at Sotrem

Starting your career at Sotrem means joining a world-class company, known for its innovation and unique business model. Our commitment to quality, integrity and sustainable development is at the heart of everything we do. You will be part of an exceptional team within a company that values innovation and community. Join us in making the future a better place to live.

Our Partners

Together, we are building the future of our industry, developing a more promising and sustainable world of tomorrow.

As a member of the aluminum processing sector, we are proud to contribute to the advancements in this industry.